18MonkeysDance Theatre

18 monkeys dance theatre founded in 2010, is a contemporary dance company that poses the question of how choreography, sculpture, visual arts and an interplay with the worlds of theatre intercat and facilitate a translation from one to the other to give dance a new creative potential.

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Khon: the Human Body: Embodiment

The human body tells all. The world of dance is a world of itself with the power of expression comparable to a language. That means that it has substance and at the same time it is endowed with the power to communicate, to communicate to many members of the community, and as well to the public outside. Bodily movements cultivated to a certain point of sophistication do not only communicate a story, but do express multifaceted aspects of human experience. But dance is an art, so artistic expressions must be invested with aesthetic qualities. And these qualities are constructed by thinking human beings who know how to use the human body as if it were a literary language. To reach a certain level of expressiveness and potency to impress, training is required, and the best training is one which is not fixed but dynamic. That educational process presupposes a high degree of imagination and inventiveness based on a keen observation of human experiences and on a keen consciousness of the potential of the human body.

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Photo by Juan Carlos Toledo

Jitti Chompee


Bangkok, THAILAND.
Tel: +66819696160

Photo by Juan Carlos Toledo